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Saturday, 02 March 2013 09:15

Éder out until summer with torn knee ligaments

Striker's breakout season brought to sudden end

eder-injury-20120302.jpgBraga and Portugal striker Éder will play no more football until 2013/14 after tearing his cruciate ligament in his right knee on Wednesday.

The striker was stretchered off in evident pain in the second half of Braga's victory against Benfica in the Taça da Liga semi-final. The worst fears were realised when it emerged that the former Académica striker had endured the injury all footballers dread.

Éder was successfully operated on yesterday. Braga's medical department said that based on similar recent injuries to team-mates Paulo Vinícius and Nuno André Coelho, the striker is expected to be out for around five months. Both Vinícius and Coelho returned to action after four and a half months.

The injury comes as a huge blow to Braga as they fight for third place and Champions League qualification, not to mention their chance of picking up silverware in final of the Taça da Liga in April.

Éder had scored 16 goals in all competitions this season, and quite apart from his goals, had further impressed with his all-action displays. He was an established member of the Seleção squad, with many calling for him to replace Postiga as Portugal's first choice number nine.

by Tom Kundert

Comments (7)
7 Tuesday, 05 March 2013 13:31
This hurts, both SCB, but not the national team.
Bento is too stuborn to start anyone other than postiga anyways.
Is Lima a portuguese citizen? if so call him up. but i doubt bento would he is too stupid to that.
sad news indeed..
6 Monday, 04 March 2013 16:35
This kid has full potential and I m sure he will make a full recovery to help Braga next season. As far as the Seleccao', what a huge blow!, particually when WC Qualifiers coming up in less than 2 weeks. I think Bento is going to have to look at either Pizzi sp) or Lima. Dont know too much about Lima though and what he can do, Postiga is done, and Nelson O hasnt played much to be a starter, So who knows what Bento will do. We must win both WC games or else bye bye Brazil WC 2014, which will be a shame if we miss out since both nations share so much in common. Whos this Ze Luis peeps are talking about"?? anyways God Speed Eder..get well..
Sad news
5 Monday, 04 March 2013 06:37
Not much can be stated as all the postings have stated the situation well.

I thought that maybe Eder would add some depth to the striker position and some formation options as needed. We know that Bento was unlikely to use Eder.

The only hope is Lima getting a call up. The other options besides Postiga are not really options. I am sorry but I have not been big on Nelson O, I hope he can turn it around but I doubt it. Let's see what Bento decides to do given the situation.
This is Devastating To Portugal
4 Sunday, 03 March 2013 17:05
Why? Why did this have to happen? When a good striker like Eder was making his name and establishing himself soon to shine for Portugal. This is horrible. I'm really sad for him, he was in a great run. Really hope recovers fully and gets back to his best.

On the other side though Ze Luis is also a gem, and I think he can step up and take this opportunity and hopefully he does well and represents Portugal as well.
Agreed with NJ
3 Saturday, 02 March 2013 20:33
If this was another coach, I would agree it would be a huge loss for the Seleccao. But it's Bento, so all this means is that out of form Nelson oliveira gets called to the bench to warm Eder's seat.

Braga will be the ones to really feel this, unless Joao Pedro starts to perform.
Huge loss for club and country
2 Saturday, 02 March 2013 17:05
I was really looking forward to seeing Eder start on the national team. He is such a fantastic, well-rounded striker. An absolute nightmare for any defender.

I looked at our next few Euro qualifiers and it looks like Eder will miss away in Israel, away in Azerbaijan, and the crucial home game against Russia. It is time for Bento to put his stubbornness aside and give Benfica's Lima a call-up.

Eder and Lima are miles better than Postiga, Oliveira, and esepcially Almeida. Lima, and many important figures in Portuguese futebol, have been begging Bento to give him a chance. At the moment, he's the best option we have.
Sad News
1 Saturday, 02 March 2013 16:20
Horrible news for Braga. This could actually torpedo Braga's chances at CL play next season. A real shame.

As for the Seleccao, Eder was far from established. The way Bento has managed the squad, Eder was sitting unless an injury occurred. That alone, was sad to see.

I wish Eder then best in his recovery.

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