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Tuesday, 17 July 2012 18:38

Guimarães bring in Chelsea duo

Matej Delac and Milan Lalkovic unveiled at the Henriques

With the backdrop of financial uncertainty an ever-present consideration, it has been a quiet summer so far for Vitória de Guimarães coach Rui Vitória. However, Os Vimarenenses sprung a surprise this evening with the announcement that Chelsea youth players Matej Delac and Milan Lalkovic will join on loan for the upcoming campaign. 

Club President Júlio Mendes, flanked by Delac (a 19 year-old Croatian goalkeeper) and Lalkovic (a 19 year-old forward from Slovakia), confirmed the signings at a press conference earlier, and a club statement declared the signings the result of "a recent rapprochement between the two clubs" - though no further detail was provided in this area. 

Guimarães have lost a raft of key players since the end of a turbulent 2011/12, with Nilson, João Paulo, João Alves, Nuno Assis and Edgar (pictured) all moving on. Debts of over €20,000,000 have forced the club into a radical financial restructuring process, including a budget cut of 40% for the professional football section. Many players have either been faced with wage cuts of up to 50% or simply allowed to leave altogether.

Under such straightened circumstances, the chances of Delac and Lalkovic seeing some action look good. Neither Douglas (back-up to Nilson last season) nor Assis (who was on loan at Freamunde) are established figures in goal, whilst Lalkovic, a wide forward, could also fit into Vitória's counter-attacking tactical shape. 

Guimarães begin their 2012/13 at home to Sporting on August 19th.

Ben Shave

Comments (2)
2 Wednesday, 25 July 2012 14:22
Yeah, I am a casual fan of VG for a while, and its sad to see underperforming clubs in the process going under. It would be nice to see another Braga-like/Boavista-like club that comes in and at least give the Big Three a fit to promote more healthy competition. Financial incompetence always stifles competition. I hope they rebound and that developing these two young players will help attract more to the struggling club.
Sad state of affairs
1 Wednesday, 18 July 2012 13:03
I used to root for Guimaraes due to the tremendous following they have. They drew more fans than Braga consistently, until Braga started their current run. One of the five to six clubs that can really say that they have their own loyal fans instead of "Big 3" fans. Yes I was embarrassed by those fans actions and behavior last season. They have no right to attack the players or facilities, no matter how incompetent the organization has been.
As for that incompetence, it's pathetic at how badly they have been run. Where did the Bebe money go? Where did the attendance money go? They draw people even when they are bad.
This club should be able to grow steadily financially even if they don't reach the CL. Like last season, they should be contending for an Europa League spot every season. But who ever is pulling the apparently is awful at their job.
For me, their current financial upheaval should have been avoidable. Now they will find themselves with angry fans and players that will be looking elsewhere. Due to the fandom, maybe another Leiria isn't in the cards. At least I hope it isn't.

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