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World Cup 2010 - Portugal player profiles

Read a career profile of each member of the Portugal World Cup 2010 squad by clicking on their name. Below the table is a quick reference giving the vital statistics of the players hoping to bring glory to the Seleccao this summer.


Goalkeepers Eduardo, Beto, Daniel Fernandes,
Defenders Miguel, Paulo Ferreira, Ricardo Carvalho, Bruno Alves, Pepe, Duda, Rolando, Ricardo Costa, Fabio Coentrao
Midfielders Raul Meireles, Tiago, DecoMiguel Veloso, Pedro Mendes, Ruben Amorim
Wingers / Forwards Ronaldo, Simao, Hugo Almeida, Liedson, Danny



  Eduardo (Braga)

  Age: 27
  Caps: 17
  Goals: 0


Daniel Fernandes

  Daniel Fernandes (Bochum)

  Age: 26
  Caps: 2
  Goals: 0



  Beto (FC Porto)

  Age: 28
  Caps: 1
  Goals: 0



  Miguel (Valencia)

  Age: 30
  Caps: 57
  Goals: 1


Paulo Ferreira

  Paulo Ferreira (Chelsea)

  Age: 31
  Caps: 62
  Goals: 0


Fabio Coentrao

  Fabio Coentrao (Benfica)

  Age: 22
  Caps: 6
  Goals: 0

Ricardo Carvalho

  Ricardo Carvalho (Chelsea)

  Age: 32
  Caps: 65
  Goals: 4


Bruno Avles

  Bruno Alves (FC Porto)

  Age: 28
  Caps: 33
  Goals: 4



  Pepe (Real Madrid)

  Age: 27
  Caps: 24
  Goals: 2



  Duda (Malaga)

  Age: 29
  Caps: 16
  Goals: 1



  Rolando (FC Porto)

  Age: 24
  Caps: 8
  Goals: 0


Ricardo Costa

  Ricardo Costa (Valencia)

  Age: 29
  Caps: 7
  Goals: 0


Raul Meireles

  Raul Meireles (FC Porto)

  Age: 27
  Caps: 36
  Goals: 6


Ruben Amorim

  Ruben Amorim (Benfica)

  Age: 25
  Caps: 1
  Goals: 0



  Tiago (Atletico Madrid)

  Age: 29
  Caps: 53
  Goals: 3



  Deco (Chelsea)

  Age: 32
  Caps: 74
  Goals: 5


Miguel Veloso

  Miguel Veloso (Sporting)

  Age: 24
  Caps: 12
  Goals: 1


Pedro Mendes

  Pedro Mendes (Sporting)

  Age: 31
  Caps: 10
  Goals: 0



  Danny (Zenit St. Petersberg)

  Age: 26
  Caps: 11
  Goals: 2



  Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

  Age: 25
  Caps: 74
  Goals: 23



  Simao (Atletico Madrid)

  Age: 30
  Caps: 83
  Goals: 22


Hugo Almeida

  Hugo Almeida (W. Bremen)

  Age: 26
  Caps: 26
  Goals: 10



  Liedson (Sporting)

  Age: 32
  Caps: 12
  Goals: 4


Comments (14)
I am Italian, husband portugues
14 Thursday, 04 October 2012 10:21
I have two boys are mad portugues support I wish for them before I died that Portugal wim a world cup or European cup that my wish go go portugal. Go go Portugal
13 Monday, 14 June 2010 18:27
12 Monday, 14 June 2010 05:07
this team looks promising...if we can keep our midfield in check...we have the firepower to put that ROUND THING INTO THAT RECTANGULAR ONE...MANY TIMES.
11 Saturday, 12 June 2010 13:42
I wish PORTUGAL all the best in the world cup. Even though we are missing some key players, we still have a world class side that on their day, can beat anyone in the world! So with a bit of luck and a few goals by C.RONALDO & CO you never know what might happen. FORCA PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!!!!
Cmon all you Portugal fans, forget the negatives and think positive & get behind your national team. :)
You need to be Good & Lucky
10 Friday, 11 June 2010 15:09
Portugal is a good team, they now need to get on a roll. I think their defense is in the top 3 of the WC teams....so I'm not worried about them. But they need to catch a few breaks and put some balls in the back of the net. With a little luck, Portugal can make it to the final four again. Carvalho & Alves will be strong as usual....I'm expecting (hoping) Ronaldo to come up big.
9 Friday, 11 June 2010 13:48
sergio usa you are one of the few thats knows what he is talking about you are so right with ronaldo as captain he deserves it but if he was,not captain i think he would be a hell of alot better.he tries to do it by himself lots of times it does,nt work .portugal has to pass the ball around and not be ball hogs play like a team not indiviuals.thats what screwed up brasil in the last world cup.everyone has to step up or its going to be a short tournament....
think of a 4 letter word
8 Friday, 11 June 2010 10:47
GOAL is gonna be the special 4 letter word for us in this cup. The only way our team advances is to PUT THE DAM ROUND THING IN THE RECTANGULAR THING. We have such dam problem scoring goals and that was evident in the last world cup as well, getting as far as we did without scoring the goals. The stats for ronaldo ummm 22 goals where??? and for whom ?? Real Madrid maybe. He HAS to give up the CAPTAIN arm band to Simao, eversince he got it Ronaldo has not been the same in the NT he feels the presure and WE all see it in the lack of goals. HE tries to hard to do tooo much, better to have some of the presure be lifted of his back and then the goals will come again.
wowww..... Sweet Portugal...!!!!
7 Friday, 04 June 2010 02:50
Can we get what we expects from you guys!!!.. PoRtUGaL..???

Ronaldo.... Do The Best....!!!
gooooooooooo PORTUGAL!
6 Thursday, 03 June 2010 18:06


Striker? Who cares...
5 Tuesday, 04 May 2010 02:32
Personally, i feel as if the striker position for Portugal has always been over-rated because most of our producing derives from our wingers and midfield as well as set pieces. Pauleta and Nuno Gomes were some of the more productive we had and they were not even that great. Eusebio was in a league of his own. What we do have is great speed on the wing and that's what we will utilize in the cup. However, i do believe we need Hugo Almeida and Liedson is a must have addition to the roster. The problem is all these injuries...we better get healthy soon. Quaresma should get no love, neither should Miguel Veloso. Simao should not even be a question, i can't believe what some of you guys are saying. Ricardo was terrible, that's why he should not even be recognized. He was only great in PK's. I do think it's a toss up on whether Simao starts over Nani though.
4 Wednesday, 03 February 2010 02:04
When you review the caps and goals I don't think Almeida should be a main pick for the team.My pick for strikers in order would be Liedson, then Edinho or Makukula
In and outs
3 Monday, 01 February 2010 10:19
Nice to see ruben in brackets,although now at porto i see him pushing very hard to gettin a call up...and he is good enough.moutinho will drop if ruben comes in.beto should be a goalkeeper in brakets.a player which doesn't feature even in brackets is varela.outstanding player at the moment,big physical presence,technically gifted,a man beater,he's quick,high work rate and lately gettin goals.honestly,simao was good,but he has lost the little speed he had,i dont see him taking on defenders,he is easily muscled off the ball.gifted from set pieces,but we already have numerous players on our squad that are.reputation should not be a criteria when it comes to choosing the squad,and in this instance,on form,varela is the superior player.in conclusion,varela in,behind him a toss up between simao,coentrao and quaresma.
2 Saturday, 30 January 2010 18:51
I would also include Varela from Porto... really good player and scores well.
1 Saturday, 30 January 2010 17:50
Ricardo anyone? I haven't even heard of Ricardo for the past couple years. What's up with him? He was a great keeper. Is he even still playing?

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